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Established in Malaysia in 1990, MP Mineral Water Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (MPMW) offers high quality bottled water products for domestic and regional markets, particularly Singapore. Adhering to strict quality standards, MPMW is one of the first in the industry to be awarded the bottling license 360A for natural mineral water by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH).
Operating on a tight 6-day-week schedule, MPMW is currently supported by a staff strength of about 50 permanent staff.

A Crystal-Clear Philosophy


Our Beliefs

  • Our customers are the reason we exist
  • We challenge ourselves to take initiative and be part of the solution
  • We reward exceptional performance

Our Values

  • Have a sense of urgency
  • Demonstrate accountability
  • Be proactive
  • Have a passion for success
Alpine Brand
One of the popular brands produced by MPMW is the widely marketed Alpine brand. Besides this, MPMW also bottles mineral water for companies wishing to have the products bearing their own brand labels. MPMW's mineral water products are packed into a range of sizes, notably 230ml, 350ml, 500ml, 600ml, 750ml, 1500ml and 5.5 litres..

Should You Drink Mineral Water?

Bottled mineral water contains up to four times as much calcium and magnesium as regular tap water.
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